Driving FAQ's

Night Driving

When driving at night you must use extra caution to make up for reduced visibility. Night driving is more dangerous because the distance you can see ahead and to the side is reduced. You should drive slower than you would in daylight. Most headlights cover about 350 ahead so it is important you drive at a speed that enables you to react within the range of your headlights.

NYS law law requires you to use your headlights from one half hour after sunset until one half hour before sunrise. Your headlights must be on low beam within 500 feet of an approaching vehicle or within 200 feet of the vehicle ahead of you.

Driving on Vacation

Before taking your trip this year its a good idea to have a trip check done on your car by a trusted mechanic. Make sure all the critical systems are checked and be sure to have them check your tires.

Also if you are planning on driving out of the country make sure your insurance policy covers you outside the US. If it doesn't you can usually get temporary additional coverage for your trip.